Collaborative Organizational Change

Konza Partners catalyzes effective organizational change by creating shared understanding & ownership of business transformation objectives, initiatives, & plans. This is accomplished through facilitation & collaborative use of business architecture, business modeling, business strategy, financial modeling, and other methods & techniques.

A passion for growth

Our services are focused to assist organizations, teams, & individuals to grow.

Business Modeling & Strategy

Collaborative modeling using techniques such as business model canvas, balanced scorecard, capability mapping, value stream mapping, competitive/industry analysis, SWOT, scenario planning, divergent/convergent thinking, & more.

Business Architecture

Defining an organization’s business architecture, using the Business Architecture Guild’s BIZBOK® guide, delivers a blueprint of the business. Collaboratively modeling, & analyzing the business creates shared understanding, necessary to align strategic objectives and tactical demands.

Coaching & Training

Organizational change is always challenging. Modeling the business collaboratively increases possibilities for success, but people are the key to change. Coaching, training, & facilitation are required supporting elements for leading the “conversation” that delivers understanding & ownership.

Financial Modeling & Forecasting

Forecasting revenue, costs, cash flow, overhead, and G&A is conducted by modeling business events, such as sales, staffing changes, & capital investments. Those events are tied to specific costs/prices to estimate monthly forecasts.

A wealth of experience

Konza Partners has collaborated with many organization types, with a variety of challenges, & with a variety of cultures

Technology Company China Market Expansion

Konza Partners consulted to support a multi-cultural business transformation project to extend capabilities for selling & delivering an extended set of products & services, through a revised sales model & enhanced business operations model. Key project challenges were extending the sales & delivery model to better incorporate business partners, extending the Go-to-Market model to target a broader customer set, and transforming individual business unit operating models to support cooperatively sharing expertise, content, partnerships, relationships, and budget to increase sales and profit.

    Technology Service Provider Market Entry

    This project focused on defining an innovative business operations model for an emerging retail market. The market for this customer was changing quickly, potential technology to support it was also changing rapidly, and there was little/no “best practice” to base the operating model on. The project team determined that a hands-on approach, conducted as an iterative discovery and implementation process, was needed. This approach provided for agility in experimenting with process changes and technology innovations to see how they interacted with retail staff & customers. We developed the new industry’s “best practices” and processes iteratively and collaboratively with staff & customer input.

      Consulting Services New Markets

      A temporary services consulting organization wanted to expand into project-based consulting. The Konza Partners team worked collaboratively with the company’s leadership to determine potential consulting services markets where an expanded business model would be successful, based on the company’s knowledge, experience, business partners, and people assets. From that analysis, potential consulting service areas were researched as to competition, rates, and current & future trends. SWOT analysis led to discovery of the most likely business area candidate. The KP team worked as an integral extension of the business to test the chosen market through business development, marketing, sales, opportunity identification, proposal & capture management.

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